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From the dream of a 5 year old boy till January 2000, were 26 years long that could not fade that dream away but on the contrary strengthened it until it saw the light. (AHP)Alfa High Performance Trading, “The Professional 4×4 & High Performance Accessories Center” was created then and got continuously polished for almost 4 years to date.
Alfa High Performance is formed by a group of Automotive Experts Who Enthusiastically Had been Restoring, Modifying, and Performance Tuning from American Vintage Trucks & Street Cars to European and Japanese sport compacts for over 10 years. We could not hold ourselves from devoting a sizeable chunk of our feelings and time towards our Hobby that contagiously affected our Lives. This Hobby got established professionally in beginning of the new Millennium.


با  سوناکس SONAX بیشتر آشنا شوید


وقتی صحبت از محصولات نگهداری اتومبیل با تکنولوژی روز می شود، سوناکس SONAX در رتبه اول قرار دارد. سوناکس SONAX با داشتن بیش از ۶۵ سا ل سابقه و تجربه در تولید محصولات باکیفیت برتر، پیشرو در بازار آلمان و بازارهای بین المللی است و رضایت مشتریان نتیجه مثبت این  عملکرد است. ادامه مطلب